Heart Transplant via Dog

Finally found the perfect background image for this ode to the unconditional love of a dog’s heart.  I’ve always believed that dogs are here on earth to exemplify God’s unconditional love, for no matter what we fail to do in the way of caring for them or showing them the love they deserve – their love never fails.  I’ve been blessed with the love of four dogs in my life (six if I count my sister’s dog and my grand-dog!) and I’m sure there will be more. So there’s hope that I will eventually become as generous and loving as they have been/are to me!

If you are considering the joy of adopting a dog – either your first, only or to add to your pack – please, please consider adopting a rescued dog. Check your local shelter or vet, or google a specific breed (“maltese rescue”, for example) or local rescue groups who typically pull dogs from overcrowded shelters so that they won’t be euthanized.  My favored rescue is Big Dog Rescue in Austin, Texas. That’s where I found my little Ivy and where my daughter found her beloved Rosie.

Dog Heart

Oh, to be as generous and loving as a dog.